Why Nigeria May Become Home to the Next Disruptive Innovations – Part 2

Again, I must emphasise that the theories of innovation disruption, though controversial of late, are the basis for this topical statement. Nigeria may truly become the breeding and nurturing ground for “whats next” in the innovation scene.

The first part of this argument is documented in my previous post, see here.

Is this just a mere propaganda of hope? No, I don’t think so.

Although, beyond the conclusions that a careful analysis of the market and innovation landscape may bring, there are clear indicators of what has been done despite the seeming lack of resources that is often talked about in the country.

If the influence of the growing innovation ecosystem is anything to go by, then I would dare say that the visible presence or development of the “made-in-Nigeria” phenomena may be the biggest influencer of a new innovation pool in the west african country. Continue reading “Why Nigeria May Become Home to the Next Disruptive Innovations – Part 2”

Why Nigeria may Become Home to the Next Disruptive Innovations – Part 1

Used to be called an African giant, and ever since its announcement as Africa’s largest economy early in 2014, Nigeria has proudly secured its position with pride – a position that points to it as the pacesetter in the African community. Exploring the emergence and success of disruptive innovations within the Nigerian context is definitely worth the investigative rigour.

It begs to answer the question again…. what is disruptive innovation? Continue reading “Why Nigeria may Become Home to the Next Disruptive Innovations – Part 1”

Exploring the Disruptive Tendencies of African-Nutured Innovations

One of the underlying theories of disruptive innovation is that solutions or products can become disruptive by targeting the non-consumer. According to a 2012 Mckinsey report, the growth of the African economy is fuel mostly by the consumer class in the continent and not resources (contrary to a school of thought). The report also stated that the consumer-facing sectors will grow by 400billion USD by 2020. This leaves us with an interesting insight about the huge conversion of a class of consumers from the previous state of non-consumption into a state of heavy consumption. Continue reading “Exploring the Disruptive Tendencies of African-Nutured Innovations”

Disruptive Tendencies of African-nurtured Innovations

Disruptive Innovation is fast becoming a buzzword. Ever since Clayton Christensen has popularised the concept in his book The Innovator’s Dilemma, there has been an increase in the awareness and consciousness of what disruption is, and the threats and opportunities inherent in it. I have always been of the opinion that Africa is perfectly situated in a circumstance that can bring about and nurture massive disruptive tendencies in the global scene. The reason for this is simply an understanding of what it disruptive innovation means and how it happens on a regular basis; i.e. understanding the theory of disruption. Continue reading “Disruptive Tendencies of African-nurtured Innovations”