Why Nigeria May Become Home to the Next Disruptive Innovations – Part 3


In the book “The Innovator’s Solution”, the author pointed out the following interesting principle in the success of disruption:

When disruptive products enable the channel to disrupt its competitors, the innovators harness the energies of the channel in building the disruption.

While this may seem totally obvious, it is important to point it out as a contributing factor to the disruptive tendencies of Nigerian-nututred innovations. But what does this mean?

When an innovative solution -product or service – helps the individual entities that deliver the solution to its end users to increase their profit margins, or compete better in their industries, they increase the success of the disruptive solution.

Due to the retail boom in the Nigerian market, a lot of channels to customers are springing up within the market. E-commerce retail platforms, media companies, collaborative event platforms and other viable channels will begin to gain ground in the market in the near future. This will call for a need for these potential channels to promote and position their services in the market and one of the best ways in which they will be able to do this is by the distribution of new market and low-end disruptions. I.e. solutions that provide unique value propositions that can be be accessed by a vast majority of people.

This discussion can lead us into thinking that the disruptive solutions may have to wait for the new channels to spring out. This may not be the case, as the emergence of disruptive solutions may lead to the emergence of corresponding new channels to customers – which will be welcome in the mark due to the retail and consumer purchasing boom that the country is currently experiencing.

Hence, one of the major contributing factors of the disruptive tendencies of Nigerian-nutured innovations is the need for the new and existing channels to customers to make higher margins through the promotion of disruptive solutions and technologies.



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